Saturday 16 January 2016

EMS - Microsoft Intune : About Templates and MAM Policies with Descriptions for all platform - Part 2

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This post will explain about Intune templates (Policies) and MAM Policies with description for all platforms in details.

Follow this post to configure Certificate Profiles to access company resources like Email, WiFi and VPN.

Microsoft Intune Policies helps in controlling Mobile device features like copy/cut/paste/save-as etc.

There are many templates available for all platforms in Intune where Admin configure Policies as per organization requirements, save them and deploy on either particular group of users or selected users or all users of respective platform devices.

Templates Available in Intune:

Below are the templates details of each platform available in Intune which You can configure and deploy as per your organisation requirements in respective platform devices.


Apple iOS:

Mac OS X:


Software (As of now, only Available for Android and iOS Devices):

Computer Management:

Common Mobile Device Settings:

How to see Template Policies and Descriptions sheet for General Configuration settings for all platform:

Android Template Policies:

Custom Configuration:

Below settings need to be configured:

Email Profile:

Below settings need to be configured:

General Configuration:

Below settings needs to be configured:

Android Devices General Configuration Policies:

PKCS #12(.PFX) Certificate Profile:

Below settings need to be configured:

SCEP Certificate Profile:

Below settings need to be configured:

Trusted Certificate Profile:

Below settings need to be configured:

VPN Profile:

Below settings need to be configured:

Wi-Fi Profile:

Below Settings need to be configured:

NOTE: Similarly, You can view and configure templates for other platforms as per Your requirements.

Below are the details explanation of other platform's configuration policies and there recommended values.

Windows Device Platform:

Windows 10 or Later Desktop and Mobile Configuration Policies:

Windows 10 or Later Team Configuration Policies:

Windows 8.1 or Later Configuration Policies:

Windows Phone 8.1 or Later Configuration Policies:

iOS Configuration Policies:

Mac OS X Configuration Policies:

Mobile Applications Management (Android 4 or Later) Configurations Policies:

Mobile Applications Management (iOS 7.1 or Later) Configurations Policies:

Compliance Policies:

There are many other policies like for computer managements as well but above are most commonly used policies. You can also view computer management policies as explained in above templates screenshots.

This is all about Intune Policies. I have tried my best to cover almost all important policies with description to understand them through single sheet. 

In my next post, I will cover below Intune Topics:
  • How to configure apple iOS devices with Intune?
  • Configure and deploy deploy policies.
  • Configure and deploy managed app with MAM policies on Android devices (similar way for iOS devices).
  • App Deployments.
  • Conditional Access for exchange online. 

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