Monday 8 February 2016

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 - Prerequisites and Installation Process - Part 2

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This blog will explain about Prerequisites and Installation process of SCVMM.  

To know brief overview about SCVMM, Click Here! 

Let's start with Prerequisites and Installation steps for SCVMM...

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Below are the prerequisites for SCVMM 2012 R2:

SQL Server Installation:

You can prepare SCVMM Database either locally or remotely. Also, You can either choose Default Instance name or Named Instance Name.

In this post I will explain about installing SQL Locally on SCVMM Machines.

After installing all required Roles and Features in SCVMM, Start installing SQL Server:

Select Stand alone installation:

Click OK. 

After that enter product key or choose free edition installation, Click Next. 

Accept license Terms, Click Next.

Click Next, Next. On Setup Role page, Choose SQL Server feature installation:

Select Below Features:
  • Database Engine Services
  • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search
  • Client Tools Connectivity
  • Management Tools - Basic
  • Management Tools - Complete
  • SQL Client Connectivity SDK
Define installation path as per Your set-up process:

Click Next. On Instance Configuration Page, Choose either Default Instance or Give Named Instance and changes installation directory:

On Server Configuration Page, Give SQL Service Account for all services, set startup as Automatic for all and Click on Collation:

Choose Supported Collation for SCVMM and Click Next:

On Database Engine Configuration, Choose Mixed Mode Authentication, Give password for SA account, add all required accounts and Click on Database Directories:

Give DB and Log file paths as per Your set-up process and Click Next, Next, Next and at last click install:

After installation, click Close:

Install SCVMM Prerequisites - ADK 8.1:

Only below features need to install:

If SQL Server is installed on remote machine then install SQL Command Line Utility Tool on SCVMM Machine. Download From Here!

SCVMM 2012 R2 Installation:

Run the set-up as administrator and Click Install:

Select Features and Click Next:

Provide Registration information and Click Next:

Accept License Agreement and Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Define installation location and click next:

Click Next:

Give Database Server Name. If Database is on Local machine then give Net-BIOS name of local machine. If DB is on remote machine then Give Net-BIOS name of remote machine.

NOTE: If given named instance on local or remote machine then give name as "Net-BIOS_Name\Instance_Name".

Give VMM Service account and Click next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Install:

Click close once installation completed:

Give FQDN name of SCVMM machine or use LocalHost and click Connect:

SCVMM Console:

This is the complete process for SCVMM Installation.

In next post I will share many features about SCVMM like post configuration, managing network, cloud etc.

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