Thursday 3 March 2016

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 - Configuring Library Server, Creation of VM Templates and Deploy VM through Templates - Part 5

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In this post, I will cover below points:

  • Different ways to create Library Server and configuring resource in Library Server.
  • Creation of VM Templates.
  • Deploy VM through Templates.
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Let's start all points one by one in details... ;)

What is Library Server?

Library Server is nothing just a shared path folder where You keep Your files like vhd/vhdx for different OS versions and use those files as source to create VM Templates. 

You can configure all pre-defined settings in those files like firewall settings, UAC settings, saving any batch file which will be used for start-up scripts etc. 

In case of windows, You must sysprep the VHD with generalize mode and then shut-down the VM. After that copy and paste the VHD file to the shared folder path.

Different ways to configure Library Server:

As I told You that Library Server is just a Shared Folder Path so there are many ways to configure it and some ways are explained below:

  • Local Library Server on SCVMM Server itself: When You deploy SCVMM Server then by default it creates a local library path in installation drive path. You can also change this path to another particular drive which will be used only for SCVMM Library Resources.
  • Library Server on remote VM/Server: You can create new VM, create shared folder on the drive and give full permission to VMM accounts or everyone and Add that VM as Library Server in SCVMM.
  • Using File Server: You can configure File Server role on another VM, create File share folders and use that File Server as Library Server in SCVMM.
  • Library Server in High Availability: You can also create Quest Cluster between two or more VMs, configure file share and add Guest Cluster as a  Library Server in SCVMM.

Configure Library Server: 


Hardware Requirement:

NOTE: Add VMM Accounts in Local Administrator Group of the Library Server VM/Host.

Configuration Steps:

Online, Initialize and Create Simple Volume for Library Server Disk:

Create Folder:

Open Properties, Click Sharing, and then Click Advance Sharing:

Check mark on share this folder, Click on Permission:

Give full permission either to Everyone or only VMM accounts:

After that click Apply, Ok and Close. You Library Share Path is now ready, just copy and past Your required sysprep VHD files on this share path and refresh library server in SCVMM.

Add Library Server in SCVMM:

Open SCVMM Console, Click on Library Tab, Right Click on Library Server and Click on Add Library Server:

Choose Run as account and Click Next:

Search Library Server by typing FQDN of the VM and Click Next:

Select the Share Folder which was created on Library Server VM and Click Next:

Click on Add Library Server:

Library Server is added and ready now to use:

Create VM Template:

Add Library Resource:

Copy and Paste any sysprep VHD to above created shared folder:

After that, Refresh Library Server. Added VHD will be visible in Library Server in SCVMM Console.

Configure Added Library Resource:

Right Click on the VHD and Click on Properties:

Set the Operating System and Virtualization Platform and Click OK:

This is all Done.

Create VM Template:

Expand Templates, Right Click on VM Template and Click on Create VM Template:

Click Browse:

Select the resource from the Library Server and Click Ok:

Click Next:

Give VM Template Name, Description, Generation and Click Next:

Set the properties and Click Next:

Set settings as required and Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Create:

Monitor Job:

VM Template is ready now:

Virtual Machine Deployment using VM Template:

Right Click on VM Template and Click on Create Virtual Machine:

Give Name and Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Create:

Monitor Job:

VM is deployed successfully:

Now You can create as many VMs You want to create using same template within 8 to 12 Mins depending on the size of disk. I have create VM template with disk size 50 GB. 

In my next post, You will see other features of SCVMM.

Happy Reading!!!

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