Monday 6 March 2017

Microsoft Windows Azure Pack (PRIVATE CLOUD - WAP) - Installation & Configurations - Part 6

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This blog is to show installation of Windows Azure Pack (Private Cloud). 

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Let's start to see installation step by step...



Install below Roles & Features from Server Manager:


  • Web Server (IIS) - Complete


  • .Net Framework 3.5 Features
  • HTTP Activation

  • IIS Hostable  Web Core
  • Management OData IIS Extension

  • Windows Process Activation Services
  • WinRM IIS Extension

Web Server Role (IIS) - Role Services:

  • Common HTTP Features
  • Health & Diagnostics

  • Security

  • Application Deployment:

  • Management Tools:

Click Install:

Click Close:


For Installing WAP, below requirements must be completed:

  • Internet must be available on the machine. 
  • Windows Platform installer 5.0 must be downloaded and installed on the machine.

Run the Windows Platform installer 5.0 Console:

Click on Product, Select Windows Azure, Click on Add button for Windows Azure Pack: portal and API Express & Click on Install:

Click I Accept:

Click Continue:

Click Continue:

Click Finish:

Open Add remove program console from Control panel, You will see all sites are installed:

WAP Installation completed here...


After You Finish installation, WAP Configuration Site Opened so provide WAP Database Server details, credentials and click on arrow:

NOTE: Provide only "SA" account to configure Database. Configuration will fail if You configure with domain account. This is prerequisites for WAP DB Configuration. By Default, whenever I install SQL Server Instances, I use to select mixed account (both windows & SA account).

Click on Next Arrow:

Click on Tick icon to prepare DB for WAP Sites:

Click on Tick Mark once all sites are configured successfully:

Click Yes:

Open IIS Manager to see all configured sites:

Configuration is completed.

This is all about installation and configuration of Windows Azure Pack. In my next post, I will show You Post configuration & Integration process with SPF & SCVMM.

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