Friday 30 September 2016

System Center Service Provider Foundation - About SPF with Prerequisites - Part 1

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In this blog post, I will share information about another component of Microsoft Private Cloud known as Service Provider Foundation.

Service Provider Foundation (SPF) is part of Orchestrator setup which install extensible OData web service on the machine which helps in communicating System Center Virtual Machine Manager with Multi-tenant portal of Microsoft known as Windows Azure Pack (WAP - Private Cloud).

This helps in configuring multi-tenant self service portal which is integrated with IAAS capabilities using system centre components. 

Let's start understanding more about SPF with it's prerequisites...


SPF help in providing Infrastructure as a service to the clients using multi-tenant self service portal. If You have any self-service portal for Your customer then You can integrate it with SPF to provide infrastructure resources to the customers. 

This helps as a inter-mediator between self service portal & system center component (SCVMM) to send request to the SCVMM generated from self-service portal by any tenant and give response to the request to the tenant based on requirement.

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SPF Prerequisites:

Below are the prerequisites to deploy SPF:

Virtual Machine Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 OS
  • RAM - Min 4 GB
  • CPU - Min 4
  • Hard Disk - C Drive: 100 GB for OS & SPF installation & D Drive: 200 GB for SPF DB Instance if installing DB Instance on same machine. You can also install SPF Instance on remote machine as well.

Role & Features Requirements:


  • Web Server (IIS):


Other Prerequisites:

Required Domain Accounts:

  • SPF-ADMIN - Used for System Center Administration Web Service
  • SPF-VMM - Used for System Center Virtual Machine Manager Web Service
  • SPF-PROVIDER - Used for System Center Provider Web Service
  • SPF-UWS - Used for System Center Usage Web Service
  • SPF-SVC - SPF Service Account
  • SQL-SVC - SQL DB Service Account

This is all about brief introduction about SPF with it's prerequisites. In next post, I will share complete installation process with screenshot for SPF.

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